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International Encyclopedia of Public Health

The article “Vaccine, Historical” touches on controversies that have plagued efforts to immunize populations against infectious diseases. (Note: Find more thorough coverage in the book The Vaccine Controversy  in the circulating collection at RA638 .L565 2005.)
Reference RA 423 .I58 2008

Public Health in the 21st Century: Current Issues in Public Health Policy

Risk benefit analysis, absolute and relative risk, observational studies, experimental studies, validity, confidence intervals… Health news, including that pertaining to vaccines, uses many terms that may be unfamiliar. For a clear treatment of these terms see Chapter 9, “The Role of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in Health News Reporting.” Reference RA 424.8 .P83 2011, vol. 3.

The New Public  Health, 2nd ed.

In  2002-2004 how many children under the age of 5 died from vaccine preventable diseases in Europe? Worldwide?  World Health Organization statistics reported in this volume show that the answers are 32,000 and 2,550,000, respectively.
Reference RA425 .T77 2009

CDC Vaccine website

Includes links for Vaccine Safety and Adverse Events, Why Vaccinate?, up to date list of vaccine preventable diseases, and the responsibilities of parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.

Links about the autism vaccine controversy:

 * Warning: browsing reference sources may immunize you to bias!

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