Library GraffitiWhat’s up with the roofless tent on campus? Find out more about the Jewish festival of Sukkot: the Festival of Booths.

New Encyclopedia of Judaism

What are the religious obligations and traditions of Sukkot? Look here for a complete overview, including the waving of the “four species” (the lulav & etrog).
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Dictionary of Jewish Lore and Legend

Dig deeper into the lore of this harvest festival: the ancient water-drawing festival (rabbis juggling torches!), prayers for rain, the other harvest festivals, the synagogue procession, and the invoking of symbolic guests, the ushpizin.
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The Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism

Sukkot is often seen as a minor festival today, but in the days of the Temple of Jerusalem it was one of the three major, pilgrimage festivals. Learn about its evolution under “Festivals & Holy Days, Booths or Tabernacles.”
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The Encyclopedia of Religion

Curious about other agriculture-related Jewish festivals? Look under “Ecology and Religion: Ecology and Judaism.”
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Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World Dictionary

Compare Sukkot to other “Harvest Festivals” here to find out about Zoroastrian Patishahya, Haitian Manger Yam, Lammas and the “ingathering” at British Harvest Home as well as the modern native American Mohegan Homecoming.
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Ethnic Newswatch

What’s the news on Sukkot? Lulav imports, Jewish jokes, history & philosophy:

Youtube: About that Lulav

Two great Youtube Videos with a festive take on Shaking the Lulav:
Shakin’ the Lulav and Sukkot Shake:

* Warning: browsing reference books can be joyous!

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