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Check the latest election polls from RealClearPolitics, an aggregator of numerous polls:

Fact Checkers

There are numerous ones. A partial list exists here:

U.S. Census Demographics

Have the demographics of voting and registration changed over the years? The U.S. Census covers the changes from 1996-2010 at

Lexis-Nexis Academic

Read all the issues involved in the election, and the trends in hundreds of national, local and international newspapers through LexisNexis Academic, linked from

Commission on Presidential Debates

The rise of television allows millions of Americans to hear and see the candidates debate. Read the transcripts of past debates at:

Boards of Elections

How, where, when, what you need to vote? Check the New Jersey Board of Election for answers:

Don’t vote in NJ? Find your state Board of Election by Googling board of elections  site:gov for a list.

* Warning: browsing reference books can be challenging!

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