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Civil War: a Newspaper Perspective

What was the news from the front—and the home front—on both sides of the War Between the States? Find full text of selected articles from Northern and Southern American newspapers, Nov. 1860-April 1865.
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Women during the Civil War: an encyclopedia

Beyond Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton and Belle Boyd, women figured more largely than you’d think in Civil War history. Find out, for instance, about Sarah Emma Edmonds, a male impersonator who worked as a spy and a nurse in the Union Army.
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Intelligence in the Civil War

How was the founder of the Pinkerton Agency involved in Civil War Intelligence activities? Find out in this online resource from the CIA Office of Public Affairs.

Rebel Yell (video) & Just before the Battle, Mother (song)

Watch a 1930s clip from the Library of Congress, where Civil War Veterans take turns with their version of the “Rebel Yell.”  Then listen to the most popular civil war song recorded circa 1909 by US Everlasting and performed as a duet by Harry Anthony & James F. Harrison.

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive: Civil War Gallery

Want to go beyond the Matthew Brady photo op? Try here. Browse or search vivid black and white, and colorized civil war scenes.

Gibbons Family Papers

The original owners of Mead Hall were active in Civil War era business. Their archive includes daily correspondence, financial receipts and ledgers, letterbooks, journals, legal documents and court proceedings, and miscellaneous Gibbons family-owned ephemera that spans 1782-1860s.
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