Rental Equipment and Event Support

Rental Equipment and Event Support.

The University Technology Media Resource Center (MRC) is responsible for providing audio visual equipment and services for events and programs at Drew University. The MRC will also arrange to rent equipment not owned by Drew from outside vendors for your event.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 and Drew’s move to virtual operations, most of these services are currently unavailable.


Equipment rentals and support are available solely for events on the Drew University campus. All equipment and services are subject to availability. Deliveries can only be made on the Drew Campus.

Equipment Delivery, Setup and Pick up

The MRC will deliver reserved A/V equipment to the designated site in enough time to allow for proper setup and testing. All A/V equipment will be set up and tested by an MRC full time staff member or student worker. If training or assistance was requested, this will be done before the event start time as arranged by reservation.

If a rush request has been accepted by the MRC, delivery by event start may not be guaranteed.

The MRC will pick up all equipment at the conclusion of the event. If the event ends earlier than expected, the MRC should be informed by calling the MRC Event Support Line at 973-665-2100.

Fee Schedule

There are no fees for Drew Academic Classes.