Job Search Tools.


Job Search Tools


Drew University’s online job database that lists opportunities that are posted by employers, primarily located within the tri-state area. For registration information, go to: DrewLink (Job & Internship Database)

On-Campus Interviews

Throughout the academic year, employers may schedule on-campus interviews for full-time job. These opportunities will be advertised by the Center for Internships and Career Development on Drew Today emails, Brothers College board, Facebook and Twitter. Visit the Center for Internships and Career Development in Sycamore Cottage to learn about upcoming events.

Online Job Search Resources

For more assistance with your job search, use the online job search resources listed on our Resources page.

Employment Agencies

There are a number of benefits in working with employment agencies:

  1. They can help you match your knowledge and skill set to numerous openings in a range of industries.
  2. They typically work with employers in locations where you would like to work.
  3. They are always seeking qualified candidates.
  4. Most agencies fill both full-time and part-time jobs.
  5. About one in three part-time jobs lead to full-time jobs with the same employer.

Most employment agencies are reputable and helpful.  However, be aware of certain practices that you should try to avoid:

  1.  Make sure there will be no out-of-pocket expense for you in dealing with the agency.  The hiring employer should be paying the agency, not you.  In your correspondence or meeting with the agency, ask about this so there are no surprises.
  2. If the employer or the agency mistreats you or disrespects you in any way, don’t hesitate to end the relationship.  You are not obligated to stay.
  3. Be aware that agency representatives are not career counselors.  Their goal is to place you in a job quickly.  Use the agency for your benefit.
  4. For your current job search and/or long-term career planning, the Center for Internships and Career Development counselors are eager to assist you, whether you are a Drew student or graduate.

Disclaimer for Job Databases:

Please be aware that there are FRAUDULENT job postings on many job databases. If you see a job posting that meets the following criteria it’s probably not a real job offer. Do not click on any links in that posting and DO NOT provide any personal information especially social security number or financial information!

Beware if the posting:

  •  does not indicate the company name or the email address does not match the company name
  •  offers to pay a large amount for almost no work
  •  offers you a job without ever interacting with you other than via email
  •  wants you to transfer money from one account to another
  •  offers to send you a check before you do any work
  •  asks you to give your credit card or bank account numbers, or copies of personal documents but you  get nothing in writing
  •  says you must send payment by wire service or courier
  •  offers you a large payment or reward in exchange for allowing the use of your bank account often  for depositing checks or transferring money
  •  sends you an unexpectedly large check
  •  requests that you purchase Green Dot Money Pak cards

DO NOT agree to meet anyone at any site other than a business location you can look-up.

NEVER agree to meet in a park, a bank, or cafe or some such place and ONLY during the daytime.  And bring a friend along if you are concerned and tell someone where you are going for any interview.

REMEMBER:  If it appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. Contact the Center for Internships and Career Development immediately at or 973-408-3710.