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Launch Bridges

Welcome to Launch Bridges

New for Fall 2020, Launch Bridges offers short-term (usually between 20 and 40 hours over 2-8 weeks), project-based, virtual internships with a Drew community partner that provide accessible experiential learning and transferable skill development opportunities. These micro-internships expand your network of mentors, help you learn to navigate the current workforce, and help you explore potential career paths. The commitment level of these experiences makes them an easy fit to your academic semester schedule, allowing you to easily continue building valuable professional experiences.

Project-based internships are open to all current Drew students and recent Drew alums. Please be sure to review the project requirements before submitting an application to make sure the project is a good fit for you!

What are the criteria for the experiential learning opportunities that are needed for Drew students?

Short-term, virtual experiences: Opportunities should last 20 to 40 hours, over the course of about two to eight weeks, depending on the number of hours anticipated.

Defined goals: Projects should have a concrete deliverable that can be completed in the set timeframe.

Learning and mentoring opportunity: Beyond the completion of a project, Launch Bridges provides learning and mentoring opportunities for students; for example, your feedback on student progress and the development of their transferable skills, as well as your insights into the career applications of the project, are invaluable. Students will also have access to additional support while working on your project through the Drew network, including the Launch Center staff and community members in Drew Connect.

Compensation options: While project facilitators are encouraged to fund their project if they are able, unpaid opportunities can be shared as long as they are true experiential learning opportunities for our students and comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act Internship Rules.

Getting Started

We’ve built the process for finding projects to be as simple as possible. Complete the steps below to begin:


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