Internship Academics


Internship Academics

Registering Your Internship

Internships may be registered for zero, one, two, three, or four credits at Drew University and can fulfill the off-campus experience requirement or immersive experience requirement for Drew students. Follow the steps below to register and complete your internship to earn credits towards your degree.

Note that some majors/minors and academic programs may require a for-credit internship, including: Business Studies, Civic Engagement, Environmental Studies, Museum Studies and Cultural Management, Pan-African Studies, and Women’s Studies.  Internship credits may also be applied to the Arts Administration, Environmental Studies, Spanish and Writing minors.  Approval for any majors/minors must be discussed with the chairperson or director of that department.

Credit Requirements

You are expected to work a set amount of hours depending on how many credits you are registered for. Only active work hours during the dates of the term you register for will count towards your minimum required hours:

  • 0 credits = 30 hours onsite
  • 1 credit = 35 hours onsite
  • 2 credits = 75 hours onsite
  • 3 credits = 120 hours onsite
  • 4 credits = 165 credits onsite

INTC-200 is a Pass/No-Credit course. A grade of Pass will be awarded after successful completion of course requirements by the course deadlines.

Summer and January internships are registered and recorded as a Summer or January course, but the credits will appear on your transcript during the following semester (provided all requirements have been met).

Financial Considerations

Per credit charges may be added to your bill, if you are not enrolled full-time or if you are registered for more than 21 credits (or less than 12 credits) during the Fall or Spring.  Fees change, so please check with Student Accounts located in Brother’s College or email  before getting your internship registered. Both paid and unpaid internships are acceptable for credit.

  • 0 credit INTC-200: No fee
  • 1 credit INTC-200: $150.00
  • 2 credit INTC-200: $300.00
  • 3 credit INTC-200: $450.00
  • 4 credit INTC-200: $600.00