Why You Should Hire a Drew Alumnus

There are many reasons Drew graduates have landed impressive, hard-to-get jobs with CNN, Google, Merrill Lynch, NASDAQ, Sony Music, Teach for America and the US State Department.

On campus, our small class sizes, demanding coursework, coursework, mentoring with faculty and staff, and active student organizations and athletics shape Drew students to be active thinkers, contributors and leaders.

Off campus, as a degree requirement, every student must engage in real-world experiences such as internships, externships, global study, community service or participating in special New York City semesters.

That all adds up to students who will bring to your organization:

• Demonstrated leadership ability
• Technical expertise
• Innovation and creativity
• Focused approach to career development
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Strong investigation and research skills
• Exposure to global issues and solutions
• Ability to gather and evaluate data
• Teamwork skills

Our career center staff knows our students well, and can identify candidates suited to contribute to your organization.

We’d love to have you contact us and arrange a visit to meet with our students!