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Launch Bridges

Welcome to Launch Bridges

Launch Bridges is Drew’s new initiative connecting Drew students (and recent Drew alums) to the workplace through short-term, project-based experiential learning opportunities. These virtual projects build students’ transferable skills and résumés, and provide members of the greater Drew community with opportunities to contribute to the success of Drew students.

In minutes, you can create short-term, virtual projects for students and new Drew alums to help them acquire the critical, hands-on experiences needed to explore their purpose, gain transferable skills, build their résumé and launch their careers.

What to expect

  • Short-term, virtual experiences: Opportunities should last 20–40 hours, over the course of about 2-8 weeks, depending on the number of hours anticipated.
  • Defined goals: Projects should have a concrete deliverable  that can be completed in the set timeframe.
  • Learning and mentoring opportunity: Beyond the completion of a project, Launch Bridges provides learning and mentoring opportunities for students; for example, your feedback on student progress and the development of their transferable skills, as well as your insights into the career applications of the project are invaluable. Students will also have access to additional support while working on your project through the Drew network, including the Launch Center staff and community members in Drew Connect. 
  • Compensation options: While project facilitators are encouraged to fund their project if they are able, unpaid opportunities can be shared as long as they are true experiential learning opportunities for our students and comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act Internship Rules.

Projects can be offered by alums, parents, employers, friends of the University, faculty, and staff. They can be defined to have a meaningful impact in your organization or, alternatively, you can define projects meant simply to provide students with valuable exposure to your career field or industry.


Have questions about a project-based internship? Reach out to for more information.

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Offer a project

Starting a project is easy. Log into Drew Connect and get started with just a few clicks. Once your project has been proposed, we'll reach out with an approval and next steps. You'll be matched with a Drew student before you know it!