International Student Orientation.


International Student Orientation

Fall 2020 International Student Orientation

New undergraduate students must participate in the International Student Orientation from August 16-20, 2020. Please register HERE at least TWO WEEKS prior to arrival into the United States for the required International Student Orientation.

We designed the International Student Orientation to provide you with helpful information to facilitate a positive transition to life in the U.S and to the University. You will have the opportunity to meet with campus faculty & staff, get to know returning student leaders, learn about student life, and discuss academic choices and educational plan with the international student advisors.

  • International students are expected to arrive in the U.S. on the first day of orientation (move-in day). If you arrive prior to the reporting date, please make arrangements to stay at a local hotel.
  • Here is an outline of the International student orientation schedule. When you arrive on campus on August 16th, a personalized and more detailed orientation schedule will be provided to you when you check-in.
    • Sunday, August 16 | Key Activities: Move-in 
      • Move-in starts after 9 am @ Tolley & Brown Hall.
      • You will get your ID card, room key, and welcome folder from the front desk. Our International Ambassadors will be around to welcome you and help you carry your luggage to your room. They will also help you set up your Drew account and process online forms.
      • If your parents are traveling with you, we recommend that they participate in our campus tour and parent reception in the afternoon.
    • Monday, August 17 | Key Activities: Placement Tests & Optional Shopping Trip
      • This is the day where most placement tests will take place. Different students will have different tests to go to. Please be sure to follow your orientation schedule in the welcome folder.
      • IAs will also take you to process Health documents at Drew Health Services.
      • We also have buses to take students to shop at Jersey Garden Shopping Mall in the afternoon. If you are interested in joining, please make sure to sign up. Sign up sheet is available at Tolley & Brown front desk on Sunday and at Tilghman front desk on Monday.
    • Tuesday, August 18 | Key Activities: College Presentations & Campus Scavenger Hunt
      • You will be hearing from many Drew departments & off-campus organizations today about resources that you can use to better your academic and life experience at Drew. You will also be participating in a campus scavenger hunt in the afternoon to locate important campus offices on campus and find out what they do.
    • Wednesday, August 19| Key Activities: Advising & Optional Bank Visit
      • You will meet with your advisors today to discuss your academic plan and aspirations.
      • There will be more testings and presentations today as well.
      • If you don’t have a U.S. bank account yet, we highly recommend you open one. IAs will take you to the two local banks: Chase and Bank of America. Or, you can choose to open your account directly with HSBC on campus as well.
    • Thursday, August 20| Key Activities: Transition to Drew New Student Orientation
      • Besides a bit more testings and presentations to go through, you will join all the American students today and participate in the Drew new student orientation. Here is the Drew New Student Orientation Schedule.

International Ambassadors

You will be accompanied by International Ambassadors throughout the International Student Orientation. They will help you navigate the campus and set up essential technology; they will also guide you through all orientation activities as well as answer all of your questions about life at Drew.