Tilghman Executive Roundtable

Meet executives in an informal setting to chat about careers, networking, and job seeking skills.


Tilghman Executive Roundtable

Tilghman Executive Roundtable is a new program that focuses on aiding our international students in their career exploration journey as well as their internship and job seeking efforts. In this program, we invite executives from the local Madison community to campus after work and chat with our students in an informal setting. Students enjoy these roundtable events because they feel comfortable to speak up in front of fellow international students and because they have the opportunity to discuss culture-specific topics during the chats.

Fall 2019 Upcoming Roundtable Events - TBA

“This is a great opportunity for our local residents to meet Drew’s international students and talk about entrepreneurship, career arcs, and other important topics. The execs I have talked to have truly enjoyed meeting the students and participating in this great 'town/gown' cultural exchange program.””
Bob Conley
Mayor of Madison

Spring 2019 Roundtable Events

Roundtable (III) – [Apr. 17]: Women In Business

Student Takeaway

(Summer) Yu Zhang '20

"From the two successful businesswomen speakers, I learned that it is okay to explore and try different things in our career path because whatever we do will always loop back and create a full circle. I learned the importance of going to volunteering opportunities to meet new people, the essence of finding mentors who can guide us to be better persons, and advise us when things happened in our lives. I also learned the power and talent that we women can bring to the workplace, as well as the spirit of never backing down when we experience gender inequality. I am glad that I came to the roundtable. It was truly inspirational!"

Roundtable (I) – [Mar. 27]
Career arcs, Networking, and Job hunting 

Student Takeaway

(Victory) Xiping Wei '20

"From Jim, I learned that it is okay to not know what I will do in the future because career doesn't have to take a linear path. From Shannon, I learned how to network through the connections that I already have but don't know how to activate it. I was also really happy that I was picked to do an interview simulation during the chat. It was a fantastic experience!"

Roundtable (II) – [Apr. 3]
Entrepreneurship and Running A Business 

Student Takeaway

Karan Erry '19

"I was most intrigued by the breadth of experiences Mr. Sinha has received across his student life and career. His talks of fixing cars, founding successful startups and maintaining a strong network were relatable for us wide-eyed students. He gave us grounded yet actionable advice for how to live fully, fuelled by his own entrepreneurship experience. "