Student Taught Global Language & Culture Course Series.


Student Taught Global Language & Culture Course Series

Program Brief

Aiming to better showcase the precious cultural treasures that international students bring to Drew, as well as to facilitate increased interaction and friendship between international and domestic students, the Tilghman International Student Center created the Student-Taught Global Language & Culture Course Series.

For these courses, an international student instructor is selected to teach their native culture to Drew students, faculty, and staff. Under guidance from the Tilghman Experiential Education Manager, the courses span throughout a full semester and are run completely by the student instructors. Usually, the courses consist of 10 weeks of one-hour class meetings, and two co-curricular class events,

A Japanese course was first piloted in Summer 2017, and then fully rolled out in Fall 2017. Subsequently, a Korean course was offered in Spring 2018. Due to the popularity of the program, in Fall 2018, a Japanese and a Korean course are being offered simultaneously.

Program Learning Outcomes

Student instructors will:
1. Obtain 2 credits for teaching and preparing for the course.
2. Be familiar with the techniques used for differentiation of instruction.
3. Be familiar with incorporating suitable instructional designs into their teaching.
4. Have improved their presentation, leadership, teamwork skills, and professionalism.
5. Have gained multi-cultural competence through teaching their culture.
6. Develop an E-portfolio of the course materials that they have built.
7. Write a reflection paper regarding on the experience of being a student-instructor.