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One To World

One To World For Drew International Students

Founded in 1977, One To World is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing international students studying and living in the greater New York area with enrichment programs as well as opportunities to engage with local communities at an intimate level for meaningful intercultural exchange.

Being a member school of One To World, our goal is to engage more and more Drew International Students in One To World Programs so that more of you can benefit from the enrichment experience. Thus, we will sponsor you with a $20 credit for one single One To World program each semester starting Spring 2021. To use your credit, you can sign up for the program directly on their website, select the cash payment option, and mention “Drew’s credit” in the comment box. Remember that you will have to first sign in/create an account before you sign up.

As someone who grew up both Portuguese and American, I always valued the importance of embracing different cultures. Traveling to new places and meeting people has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, and what ultimately let me to pursue a career in international education. I’ve worked at One To World for almost 3 years and it’s such a pleasure to be able to offer fun and interesting programs for international students in the metro area!”
Marisa Silva
Director of Membership and Programs, One To World

Attend Programs With A Drew Professor!

Econ Professor Chenyang Xu, loved by many Drew students, also enjoys going to One To World Programs because of the incredible fun and the rich intercultural experience that they offer. Below is a picture of him going to the Twilight Cruise Around Manhattan along with our international students. If you are interested in going to future events with Professor Xu, let him know! He is always excited to get to know students outside of the class.

I can’t recommend enough One To World programs. As a recently graduated international student, I have been benefited tremendously from many intercultural exchange activities. Thus, as a professor at Drew, I was naturally drawn to programs organized by One To World. Boy! Did I miss those activities already? One To World programs have been the best of the sort I have ever experienced. The organizers are super professional. There are expert tour guides or friendly locals accompanying international students on every activity. You get chances to visit ivy league universities, watch NBA games and Broadway shows, attend workshops and volunteer for local communities... It is a simply amazing learning experience!”
Chenyang (Charlie) Xu, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

One To World Foreign Affairs Conferences

Every year, One To World selects outstanding undergraduate international students from universities in the greater New York area to attend two prestigious foreign affairs conferences, held annually at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point (Fall), and the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis (Spring). At these two conferences, students will represent their schools and nations, meet with American college students and foreign affairs professionals from around the U.S. to discuss and debate American foreign policy.

In order to encourage Drew international students to take advantage of such amazing conference opportunities, we are sponsoring the Drew students selected by One To World to go to these conferences So if you are interested in applying for these conferences in the future, please make sure that you start now by booking an appointment with one of the Tilghman Staff to discuss the details and work on your Biographical Statement portion of the application.

Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference - Spring 2019

Attending A Foreign Affairs Conference

In early April, Minyoung Roh '21 represented Drew at the 59th Annual Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference in Annapolis, Maryland. During this 4-day conference, Minyoung had the opportunity to represent her country, South Korea, in roundtable discussions regarding complex international issues confronting U.S. foreign policy; She made friends with not only many of the South Korean military delegates, but also the American delegates from her roundtable. She really thrived in this environment and was proud of taking part in this wonderful experience.

U.S. Military Academy at West Point - Fall 2018

Attending A Foreign Affairs Conference

Along with international students from other colleges in the greater NY area such as Columbia University and NYU, (Victory) Xiping Wei '20 represented Drew at the Foreign Affairs Conference hosted by the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. During this 3-day conference, Victory had the opportunity to represent his country, China, in discussions regarding complex international issues confronting U.S. foreign policy; he shared his own perspective on being an international student studying at a liberal arts college in the U.S.; he also met new friends and gained valuable insight on what a normal day is like for a U.S. military student.

This experience enhanced both my world view and my critical thinking skills. It’s incredible that I got to meet top U.S. politicians such as Susan Rice (former US National Security Advisor) face to face and offered my take on U.S. foreign policies. Being one of the only three delegates from China among a total of 260 conference attendees also made me feel incredibly honored. I am especially grateful for obtaining this opportunity through One To World, and for everything that they did, such as the pre-conference orientation, to help prepare me to perform at the best level.
(Victory) Xiping Wei '20, Drew One To World Ambassador