How to Play

How to Play.

Game-play Instructions:

  1. From 3/29 to 4/12 @ 12:30 every Tuesday and Thursday.
  2. Find a big screen with speakers (e.g. your own laptop, TVs around campus).
  3. Connect to our YouTube Live Stream Channel
  4. Take out your phone (will be used as clicker to participate in game) and wait for the YouTube Live Host’s instructions to get into Kahoot!.
  5. The Live Host will tell you to go to on your phone and they will show you the PIN number of our Kahoot! game. Once you enter the PIN number on, you will be connected to our game. Note: PIN numbers will be different for every game.
  6. Once you are connected to our game, the system will ask you to create a player name. Make sure that you only use the first part of your Drew email address as your name – This way we will be able to keep track and contact the winner.
  7. One game has 8 Questions in it and takes about 15-20 mins in total.
  8. There will be prizes for winners of each game, as well as for the winner of the whole season (10 games altogether). The Prize for each game is a $20 vouchers from Madison local restaurants.
  9. After each game, please do take a snapshot of your score and brag about it on social media to your friends.
  10. The live stream will be archived and posted on our YouTube Channel for you to go back and view the questions and explanations again.
  11. Make sure when you see the professors from the games in real life, say hi to them and tell them that their questions are awesome!

Technical Notes for Playing:

  • The video stream is delayed by 10 seconds. This means that choices will be shown on your phone 10 seconds prior to the question appearing on the big screen. It also means that even though the screen shows that you have 30 secs to answer most of the questions, but really, you’d only have 20 secs to submit your answer. Rule of thumb – try to click on your answer only after and as soon as you see the question on the big screen.