Walking is a highly underrated, readily available physical activity. Walking isNear perfect exercise“.

Thomas Eakins, American, 1844-1916

Here at Drew, students, staff and faculty have a great excuse to walk — getting to class, to meals, to social centers, to town, to fields.  Every step counts.

Walking is beneficial to you physically:

  • decreases body fat and increases metabolic rate
  • promotes cardiovascular protection
  • improves muscle strength
  • increases respiratory volume

Consider the effect of walking on your mental health:

  • helps manage depression
  • helps manage anxiety
  • allows time for socializing while exercising
  • improves alertness, concentration and attention
  • increases personal productivity

Distance adds up when you walk on and around the Drew campus.  This is an interactive project.  You can keep track of how far you walk on a daily basis.

Click on the route map guides below to help visualize the ground you can cover here at Drew.

Walk Around Your Building
Building to Building
Take a Walk