How much does this service cost?

All Drew students who would like to participate in international travel programs or trips may use the Health Service Travel Advisor.  There is a $20 charge for travel consultations. A list of current vaccine charges is listed below. At Drew, all consultation and vaccination fees are discounted since most insurance companies do not pay for these services. It is strongly recommended that students contact their private insurance to inquire about coverage in advance of receiving the vaccines. Student insurance does not cover travel vaccinations.  The Travel Advisor consultation does not cover any costs for medical or mental health clearance which would have to be scheduled in a separate visit.

What do the vaccines cost?

Please see the Services Fee Schedule posted on the Health Services Website.

Who is eligible for Travel Advisory?

All Drew students participating in school sponsored or affiliated international trips and faculty or staff who are accompanying those trips. Vaccines for faculty/staff may be obtained with a prescription from his/her personal physician. Students traveling independently may avail themselves of this service on a case by case basis.

When should I schedule an appointment?

START EARLY! Because it takes time for the vaccines to work, an initial appointment should be made 8-10 weeks before departure if possible. This will help you avoid the “last minute rush”. There are always several trips preparing to leave at the same time and appointment times may be limited close to departure. To arrange a travel appointment, call the Health Service at extension 3414, and ask specifically for a travel appointment. This appointment will be with Diana Hessemann, RN, the travel advisory nurse. Be sure to give your destination when you call.

What should I bring to the initial travel consultation?

Bring all forms that the DIS or affiliated groups need completed. Also, bring records of any immunizations you may have received since coming to Drew (i.e. subsequent Hepatitis B vaccines). The Health Service only has the record of immunizations required for attendance at Drew.

What if I’m not traveling with a Drew sponsored trip?

A thirty minute consultation will be arranged. At that time, the CDC recommendations for the area to be traveled will be reviewed. Health promotion and infectious disease information will be provided as needed. All clearance forms should be brought to the consult. If a physical exam is required, a separate appointment will be necessary.

What should I take on my DIS?

Listed below are some recommended items for the average international traveler.

  • Carrying Case: Preferably a waterproof zip lock freezer bag to hold supplies
  • Sunscreen: Select a brand with an SPF of 15 or greater
  • Cough Suppressant
  • Swiss army knife: Even more useful if tweezers and scissors are included
  • Condoms (latex), tampons and sanitary napkins: These items should be bought before leaving the United States, since they may not be available in developing parts of the world
  • Insect Repellent: Choose a repellent that contains 20-35% DEET
  • Tylenol or Ibuprofen: For relief of minor pain and headache
  • Band-Aids, gauze, tape, and antibiotic cream: for minor cuts and scratches
  • Pre moistened towlettes: For washing hands in areas lacking safe water
  • Eyeglasses: For eyeglass wearers, an extra pair of glasses should be taken
  • Diarrhea Treatment: Loperamide (Imodium). Pepto Bismol tablets can be taken for diarrhea prevention.
  • Decongestant Medicine: For relief of nasal congestion from colds or allergies
  • Anti itch agents: Hydrocortisone cream can relieve itching from insect bites
  • Moleskin: to prevent blisters
  • Dramamine: Motion sickness medicine

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Where can I get more information?

A consumer oriented guide for international travelers. Discusses vaccinations, food and water precautions, safety and security, travel and road conditions and other helpful hints. Organized by country.

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This page, from Princeton University, offers information on travel precautions, preparation tips, links to informational pages, and even jet lag and travel medical kit information.

CDC Travel Information

This website offers travelers information on their destination country, health and vaccine recommendations for travel, and other useful information.