Drew University maintains an on-campus health center for university students and requires that certain health-related documents be submitted before beginning class.  All enrolled students that have paid the General Fee are
eligible to access care at DUHS regardless of their insurance status. Students are not required to be enrolled in the DUHS student insurance plan in order to  access care.


Submission of the health related documents is a requirement for admission. All students are advised of the health requirements at the time of enrollment. Instructions for completing health forms are available from the Health Service web page.  Health forms are accessible from the student’s MyHealth portal. All medical documents will be maintained at the University Health Service. Medical Records will be kept confidential with the exception of immunization records. In order to comply with state law, student immunization records will not be considered confidential since they must be available to state inspectors and other departments on a need to know basis.

  • Health History Forms (Grad, Theo and CUE may waive the physical examination requirement)
  • Tuberculin Risk Questionnaire (Mantoux / PPD) Students who fall in the high risk category are required to complete the High Risk for Tuberculosis form with a health care provider.
  • Immunization Record which includes documentation of two Measles immunizations and at least one Rubella and one Mumps immunization given on or after the first birthday as required by NJ law. Laboratory proof of immunity to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella is acceptable documentation. Hepatitis B immunization series if taking 12 credits in any one semester while at Drew.
  • Students born before January 1, 1957 are age-exempt from the Measles requirement. However, all students must return the immunization form to the health service in order to register for class
  • All resident students will be required to receive the meningitis vaccine (Menactra or Menomune) before entering Drew housing.
  • Medical records can be transferred from a current college/university to Drew University Health Service when student is studying at Drew on a temporary basis (i.e. exchange students, UN and Art Semester, etc.)

Leave of Absence

Students who take a leave of absence or withdraw are not eligible to use the Health Service during their absence. Students who return within one year (up to 365 days from official leave date) are not required to resubmit medical documentation, but students who return 366 days or more from their leave date will be required to resubmit medical documentation (please call Health Service for more information)

Graduates Who Re-Enter Drew

  • Students who graduate from Drew and who immediately continue to matriculate in a Drew program are not required to resubmit medical documentation.
  • Students who graduate from Drew and re-enter after one year are required to update their record.
  • Pediatric care is not provided. Referrals are given for community care.
  • Referrals for health care services not provided by Health Service are available at the Health Service

Staff, Faculty and Administration are provided with courtesy service at DUHS in the following categories:

  • Flu immunization, blood pressure checks, health promotion literature
  • International travel advisory and immunization when traveling with students on a Drew sponsored program. A prescription for recommended vaccines must be submitted from the individual’s personal physician


Any exception to the eligibility requirements as stated above must be specifically approved by the Director of Health Service.