Admission Health Forms

All forms required for admissions and instructions regarding submission are located here:

New Student Documents

Important Information About Submitting Your Health Forms

Some students have reported that they are unable to schedule appointments for physicals until after the deadline. When this happens, the Health Service will grant an extension. However, all forms must be received as soon as possible and prior to arrival in order to secure housing and registration.

All health forms must be completed in full both online and on paper. No substitutions for online forms will be accepted.

Please wait until you have all paper forms to submit together in one envelope.  All forms received by Health Services will be reviewed and scanned into your confidential health record by Health Services staff and destroyed.  If you prefer to have your documents returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your documents and they will be returned to you when Health Services has completed their review.

Your documents are not complete until Health Services has received all online and paper forms.  Please be sure to submit your forms before the appropriate due date listed on the instruction page New Student DocumentsIt is recommended that you keep a copy of your forms for your permanent records.