Emergency Information.


Emergency Information

In an emergency, contact Drew Public Safety at (973) 408-4444 for assistance.

Public Safety Officers will respond to your emergency call immediately 24/7, 365 days per year. If necessary, the Officer will arrange ambulance transport to Morristown Medical Center Emergency Room,  a regional trauma center located 3 miles from campus.

Psychological Emergencies

For psychological emergencies, contact the 24 hour Crisis Center at Morristown  Medical Center 973-540-0100.

Sexual Assault Response Team

Always call Drew Public Safety at (973) 408-4444 if on campusHotline: 973-829-0587.  Information about Sexual Assault Resources can be found at www.NotAlone.gov.

Emergency Contraception Information

Available by appointment at the Health Service and over the counter at local pharmacies.

Please only use the Hospital Emergency Room for true emergencies

Care for an emergency medical condition is covered at facilities worldwide. If you have an emergency medical condition, go to the nearest medical facility for treatment.

An emergency medical condition is a sudden and severe condition, sickness or injury, including, but not limited to, severe pain, which would lead a prudent layperson including the parent or guardian of a minor child or the parent or guardian of a disabled individual possessing an average knowledge of medicine and health, to believe that failure to get immediate medical care could result in:

• Placing one’s health in serious jeopardy;
• Serious impairment to a bodily function(s);
• Serious dysfunction to a body part(s) or organ(s); or
• In the case of a pregnant woman, serious jeopardy to the health of the unborn child.