Doctor of Modern History and Literature

Q. You’re an active scholar, presenting at many conferences. What’s this experience like in the larger world of academia?
I’ve greatly enjoyed sharing my work at each of the conferences. It provided me with the opportunity to share my work with my peers while receiving feedback from the audience. It was fun travelling to different areas of the country and meeting other people who were as enthusiastic as I was about the topics of study.

Q. What are your thoughts on the curriculum?
I find the ability to take classes from different departments or programs within the graduate school to be very rewarding. I also have been able to take courses cross-listed within the doctor of arts and letters program, which enabled me to meet students outside of my program and experience a variety of different views on various topics. In any one of these classes I have had the pleasure of experiencing the excitement that can occur as students debate on an intellectual topic.

Q. How about your professors?
My Drew professors provide support and encouragement for each academic endeavor I have taken, including participating in conferences and becoming a part of the graduate student community.

Q. Will you share a favorite Drew experience?
During my first year at Drew, the modern history and literature program organized a graduate student conference called “1968: Global Resistance and Local Knowledge.” The organizing committee, including graduate students and a professor, welcomed new students with open arms; I became a part of that committee with other new students. It was a wonderful occasion where I got to experience the camaraderie and intellectual atmosphere of a graduate student conference.

Q. You’re the treasurer for the Caspersen Graduate Student Association, yes?
I am, and last year I was the student convener for our program. I found that attending the GSA meetings was a good way to keep informed on what was going on within the graduate student community.

Q. I understand you also coach and play soccer, and volunteer at a nearby historical park.
I’m an assistant coach for the varsity soccer team at a local prep school for girls, and I play in Sunday morning games with NJ Fusion in the Garden State Soccer League.
And yes, last semester I volunteered once a week at the Morristown National Historic Park, helping to catalogue written artifacts from the National Park Service Collection.