It’s been a while since I have been in school. Will I feel out of place in this program?
Aside from coming from a multitude of professional backgrounds and walks of life, students in the program also reflect a broad range of ages, ethnicities, and countries of origin. A significant strength of the program is the multiplicity of voices that are present in the student body.

I have family and work commitments. Can I take classes part-time?
Students in the Arts & Letters program may elect to study on a full or part-time basis. Most classes meet in the late afternoon or early evening to accommodate the schedules of working professionals enrolled in the program.

If admitted, can I defer my admission offer?
You may defer your offer of admission for up to two terms (e.g., if you applied for spring admission, you can defer to any term up to spring of the following year). After that time, you must reapply through the Office of Graduate Admissions.

My master’s degree is not in the humanities. Can I apply directly to the D.Litt.?
Typically, a master’s degree in the humanities is a prerequisite for applying to the D.Litt. However, the Admissions Committee evaluates each application on an individual basis. Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions with specific questions about previous degrees.

Is there campus housing available for students in the Arts & Letters program?
There is a limited amount of campus housing available for full-time students and their families. Units range from dormitories to apartments. There are also commuter rooms available which allow students to stay on campus up to three nights per week. All apartment and residence hall applications are made to the Housing Office. For more information on graduate housing, visit the Residence Life Website.

I’ve taken some graduate-level classes at other institutions. Can I transfer those credits to this program?
Drew’s Arts & Letters program does not grant advanced standing for graduate work completed at other institutions.

Can I teach at the college level with a D.Litt.?
D.Litt. degree recipients complete a rigorous, interdisciplinary course of study that many find makes them excellent candidates for teaching. However, students whose sole goal is to teach full-time at the college or university level should be aware that full-time teaching at this level usually requires a Ph.D. in a specific discipline.

Are comprehensive examinations required? What about a language exam?
Neither comprehensive nor language exams are required in the Arts & Letters program.