kpeBring your own human experiences to the Arts & Letters program, and see them in a new way: Enhanced, challenged, transformed, deepened, synthesized–there are many possibilities within our humanistic interdisciplinary curriculum and collegial academic community. Our adult students have much to contribute, motivated by their shared love of lifelong learning. They freely explore critical and creative perspectives and generate their own potent written work. Compassionate engagement and direction are to the fore in graduate study that is connected to work and to life.

The self-fashioning of a contemporary person of arts and letters engages interdisciplinary study across a range of humanistic disciplines, including literature, global studies, fine arts and media, history, conflict resolution, writing and others, leading to the degrees of Master of Letters (MLitt) and Doctor of Letters (DLitt). The Arts & Letters program encourages the view of the whole picture, which offers an alternative to traditional, discipline-specific graduate studies.

Karen Pechilis, Director, Arts and Letters Program