Kesha Moore is an Assistant Professor of Sociology. She received her BA degree in Cross-cultural Psychology from Franklin and Marshall College, a MSW in Community Organizing from the University of Michigan, and her MA and PhD degrees in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania, with a Certificate in Urban Studies. Her areas of interest include race and class stratification, urban neighborhoods, and the symbolic construction of identity. Dr. Moore has published numerous scholarly articles on the relevance of class and racial identities for urban community development, and is currently preparing her manuscript Creating the Black American Dream: Race, Class and Neighborhood Development for book publication. Dr. Moore’s research has earned her recognition and recent awards from the National Science Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences. At Drew University she teaches a variety of courses including Introduction to Sociology, Urban Sociology, The Politics of Beauty, Engendering Prisons, Race and Ethnicity, Comparative Perspectives on Race: U.S. and South Africa, and Critical Race Theory.”