Greetings from “The Forest”! We hope that you are enjoying your international or off-campus program experience. The Center for Global Education has created this list of frequently asked questions to assist you during your time off-campus. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

How do I register for courses for the following semester from abroad?
If you have internet access, view course listings on the Registrar’s home page. Once you have chosen your classes, you can fax your registration form to the Registrar at (973) 408-3044. You may also register by sending an email to the Registrar’s Office. Make sure you send a copy to your advisor, as well as any instructors who must provide a signature for course admittance. Please be sure to keep a copy of your registration for your records.

What do I need to do if I want to stay another semester?
If you want to spend another semester abroad, you need to:

  • notify the Center for Global Education
  • complete another Course Approval Form (this will require you to contact your advisor and possibly other faculty members)

How do I get credit for classes if they differ from those I got Pre-Approved?
Once you know which courses you are taking, forward a copy of your course list to the Registrar’s Office.  For courses that differ from those indicated on the Pre-Approval Form, you will need to include a course description. You must also send a copy to the specific department chairs to ensure that you will receive credit for courses you would like to apply towards major or minor requirements.

What do I do if I want to leave the program early?
Choosing to leave a program early is an important decision. There are many things to consider. Check with your program sponsor regarding credit transfer or refund policies. For students studying on Approved List programs, the sponsor’s policies will replace Drew refund policies. Talk with your program director or on-site faculty to determine if leaving the program is the best decision.

If you decide to withdraw, you will need to inform your program sponsor as well as notify our office. If you would like to return to Drew immediately, you will also need to contact the Registrar, Housing and Financial Aid offices.  Note that this option is only available before the start or at the beginning of the semester.

If you are planning on taking courses at another university or taking a semester off, you need to contact the Student Life Office to complete Leave of Absence paperwork.

What are the phases of emotional adjustment I can expect to go through?
A person can go through multiple incremental adjustments and set-backs on their journey to cultural adjustment.

  • Initial Euphoria: this stage begins with arrival in the new country and ends when the excitement of the early experiences wears off.
  • Irritability: During this phase individuals take a more active role in their new surrounding. This produces frustration because of the difficulties encountered in dealing with even the most basic aspects of everyday life. Sometimes insignificant problems can get blown out of proportion. This stage is referred to as “culture shock.”
  • Gradual Adjustment: The culture gradually becomes familiar and individuals begin to orient themselves and interpret the culture around them.
  • Adaptation: The ability to function in two cultures with full confidence is characteristic of this stage. The acute sense of “foreignness” no longer exists.
  • Re-entry Phase: Returning home is the last stage of cultural adjustment. For some individuals this can be the most difficult phase of all.

Helpful Contact Information

Registrar’s Office: 973-408-3025
Housing Office: 973-408-3960
Financial Assistance: 973-408-3402
Business Office: 973-408-3219 – Fax: 973-408-3621
Health Services: 973-408-3414 – Fax: 973-408-3031
Career Center: 973-408-3710
Student Life: 973-408-3390 – Fax: 973-408-3216