Students who are in good academic and disciplinary standing, and meet the stated program requirements are eligible to participate in a global education program. They must remain in good standing throughout the duration of the program.

For students to be approved by the Center for Global Education  to participate in an Approved List program, they must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Programs may have additional requirements so please check individual program web sites for details. Participation in Approved-List programs is open to juniors and first semester seniors.


Petitions for Approved List Programs

Students can petition through the Center for Global Education to have the minimum GPA requirement waived. Petition instructions are available from the Center for Global Education.

Students who wish to participate during their sophomore year must petition as well. Petition instructions are available from the Center for Global Education.

Students who wish to participate during the second semester of their senior year must petition the Committee on Academic Standing.

Credits and Grades

Approval and Receipt of Credits/Grades

All courses must be taken for credit and a grade. Taking a course Pass/No Pass is not an option.

Drew Programs

Courses offered in all Drew programs are listed in the course catalog and you register for them as you would any other course on-campus.

The number of credits offered in short-term programs can vary from 1-8 credits. For semester programs, you must enroll in what is considered to be a full-time course load (15-16 credits per semester) with the exception of 8-credit programs such as the NY Contemporary Art, U.N. , Communications & Media, and Wall Street Semesters.

Course titles, credits, and grades appear on your Drew transcript. All course grades count toward your GPA.

Approved-List Programs

As a participant in an Approved-List program, you are expected to transfer a minimum of 15-16 hours of credit per semester back to Drew.

Your anticipated courses must be pre-approved in order to receive transfer credit by completing a “C.L.A. Pre-Approval for Course Credit for Study Abroad” form. To complete the form, you must obtain approval signatures from your faculty advisor, department chairperson for any courses you wish to count towards major/minor requirements, and the Drew University Registrar. Once abroad, if you wish to make changes to your pre-approved course selections, you must obtain the same approvals for any additional courses.

You will receive credit for courses in which you earn a grade of C- or better. Course titles, credits and grades appear on your transcript but grades do not count towards your Drew GPA. Participation in approved program study is limited to a total of two semesters and 20 credits per semester.

Drew limits the number of transfer credits allowed towards graduation to 80 credits. Those who already have substantial AP and other transfer credits, should check with the Registrar and their advisor(s) to be sure that they will have the 48 Drew credits required for graduation.

During your semester abroad, you will enroll in STAB 301 which will serve as a placeholder until the Registrar’s Office receives your transcript certifying successful completion of the program of study.