The Center for Global Education delivers global programs that inspire students to explore, rethink and connect.


The goals of these programs are to have students explore a field of study in a new global context, rethink familiar assumptions from a new global context and connect successfully in a global environment.

Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in a global education program will demonstrate the ability to:

  • use site specific resources and experiential learning to enhance their knowledge;
  • apply skills in an experiential, global context;
  • apply culture-specific knowledge to think critically and comparatively about an academic or professional field;
  • apply new knowledge to familiar cultural constructs;
  • interact effectively with people from another culture;
  • demonstrate independence and self-confidence in negotiating both new and familiar environments;
  • articulate the added value of their global education experience;
  • seek out opportunities for continued global engagement.


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Stacy Fischer – Director