Get Involved

If you are a faculty member who has an interest in international and off-campus programs, we invite you to get involved! Some suggestions are listed below. New ideas are always welcome!

Advise Students

The single greatest influence on a student’s decision to enroll in global education programs is a faculty member.  Effective advising helps students develop purposeful plans for integrating global education into their individual academic and degree planning goals, as well as their longer-term personal and career goals. The Center offers helpful Advising Guidelines for faculty working with students on their global education plans.

Serve on the Global Education Faculty Advisory Committee

The Global Education Faculty Advisory Committee (GEFAC) works with the Center for Global Education to develop, promote and implement new programs. It provides oversight and regular review of existing programs. The committee exists of one member elected from each division, one elected at-large member, and a chair appointed by the Dean. Service is for a period of two years.

Lead a ShortTREC

Approximately one-third of all Drew faculty have led a shortTREC (Drew’s short-term, faculty led programs) at least once and report that it is one of the most rewarding teaching experiences of their careers. It is also an exciting way for you to explore areas of academic interest outside your normal teaching responsibilities. Contact the Center for Global Education for information on the proposal preparation and selection process.

Direct the London Semester

As Resident Director of Drew’s London Semester, you have the opportunity to spend the fall semester in the United Kingdom. You teach one course, the British Experiential/Research Colloquium, and are responsible for the oversight of all academic and administrative functions of the program. If you are a faculty member of one of the four sponsoring departments of the London Semester – English, History, Political Science or Theater Arts – or have a demonstrated knowledge of and background in British society, history, arts, and culture. Find a position description and resident director application.

Take Advantage of a Short Term Program Grant

If you are interested in developing and planning a new short term program, or would like to travel to a seminar site with an experienced faculty member to learn more about the program, apply for a Faculty Development Grant. Find more information on these grants.

Visit an Approved List Program Site

If you are attending a conference, doing research or conducting other university business abroad in a location where Drew has an Approved List Program, consider visiting the program site. Even if the program is in a discipline unrelated to your own, it is a hands-on way to familiarize yourself with the variety of Drew’s education abroad offerings and gain knowledge that will be useful when advising students of their study abroad options.

Attend and/or Present at an Education Abroad Conference

Consider making a presentation at a local, regional or national conference on education abroad. Professional organizations such as the Forum on Education Abroad and NAFSA: the Association of International Educators, and study abroad program providers such as IES Abroad and CIEE, hold annual conferences. All of them provide opportunities for you to contribute substantively to the field of education abroad based on your experience directing programs and working with students in an international setting. You will also learn more about education abroad in the process!