The Decisive Moment: Art and Photography


The Decisive Moment: Art and Photography

Spring Break 2020 | Paris, France

  • Program Fee: $3,200

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Explore the city that invented photography and create your own decisive moments. Roam the same streets as creative genius Henri Cartier-Bresson, visit museums and galleries relevant to his work and learn how keen observation and intuitive timing coalesced to produce his iconic images. Discover his influence on contemporary art while you practice documentary expression in Paris.


Cultural and Social Contexts in Art

What key concepts in art are reflected in the work of Cartier-Bresson? How does his legacy continue to influence contemporary culture? How did he—and how can you— draw on personal experience to shape creative work in photography, drawing, film or writing?


Art and the Creative Process

Pursue your own expressive work, synthesizing it with new knowledge and experiences to produce a creative project. Consider Cartier-Bresson’s influential monograph, The Decisive Moment, artistically and culturally, using it as a springboard to engage writing and image making. Find inspiration in the Parisian art scene and conversations with artists and experts.


Practicing close observation in a global context broadens your creative and cultural perspectives—a boost to any career. The program content is especially relevant to the study of art, art history and photography; media and communications; and French and English.