The French Connection: Language and Culture


The French Connection: Language and Culture

Summer 2022 | Paris, France

  • Program Fee: TBA



Experience Paris like a true Parisian, living and studying in the City of Light. Stay with a host family in a residential arrondissement. Commute to your French language classes via le metrole metro, stopping for a café or croissant along the way. Stroll the iconic Avenue des Champs-Élysées; discover hidden courtyards and charming alleys. Bonus: a side trip to coastal Normandy.


The Cross-Cultural Power of Language

How do Parisians navigate daily life? How do their experiences vary across neighborhoods and socioeconomic backgrounds? Can increasing your language proficiency deepen your appreciation for France, its people, and its art, music, literature, cinema and history?


Establish World-Citizen Credentials

Sharpen your French language and conversation skills, taking classes at an internationally recognized institute with students from 160 countries. Learn to be a confident, independent Parisian, exploring the city in groups and on your own. Share in a rich cultural life, visiting museums and heritage sites and riding the metro with tes nouveaux amis to your favorite boulangerie or pâtisserie.


Complete an immersive experience for your Launch Plan while improving your proficiency in French—an asset in any career field. Among past participants of this program are a teacher of English in France, a Los Angeles–based food and fashion writer and a business executive in Switzerland.