Following MLK: Arts, Culture and Faith-Based Activism.


Following MLK: Arts, Culture and Faith-Based Activism

Summer 2020 | Atlanta, Georgia; and Montgomery, Alabama; USA

  • Program Fee: $2,500

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Walk, dance and worship in the footsteps of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., sojourning across ground sacred to the American Civil Rights Movement. Visit places that embody watershed moments, from Atlanta, where he was born and is buried, to Montgomery, where he preached and protested. Witness freedom fighters and faith leaders—past and present—bending the arc toward justice.


Intersections of Art, Faith and Justice

What roles do art and faith play in the struggle for social justice? What stories are told in landmarks iconic to African- American history? How can the lived experience in these spaces inform and inspire your own creative work?


Synthesize Academic and Experiential Learning

Read and discuss key texts on race and civil rights. Walk the Sweet Auburn community; visit
Dr. King’s home and church; reflect on memorials honoring the ongoing journey from bondage to justice. Meet with ministers and scholars, artists and activists, archivists and curators. Develop a creative work—dance or sermon, theatrical or liturgical piece—appropriate to your vocation.


Social activism is foundational to the work of artists, faith leaders, justice advocates and community organizers. This program is especially relevant to graduate students across these spheres and undergraduate students in dance, theatre and Pan-African studies.