Culture as Spectacle: China’s New Cultural Industry.


Culture as Spectacle: China’s New Cultural Industry

January 2020 | Shanghai, Wuxi and Nanjing, China

  • Program Fee: $3,900

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See China’s new cultural industry — a $172.95 billion enterprise — on spectacular display in three locations. In Shanghai, explore Shanghai Old Street and Tianzifang Culture Market, bustling shopping districts that redefine locality. In Wuxi, tour a vast film set that re-creates historic epochs. In Nanjing, visit Qinghuaihe District and ancient city walls to understand how “history” is constructed and consumed.


The Intersection of Culture and Economy

How does China use culture as an economic engine? How do “cultural products” help China to project national identity and promote core values to its citizens? What effect does cultural spectacle have on perceptions of China as a world power?


Synthesize Immersive and Academic Learning

Explore the nexus of culture, identity and economy and delve deeply into issues—from authenticity to ethnicity—raised on your site visits. Engage in group discussions and hear from guest speakers and experts. Research the economic and business models driving China’s cultural industry. Complete a substantive final project synthesizing personal observation with academic research


College graduates fluent in Chinese and English are prized hires in nearly any career field. Past participants of our China programs have gone
on to graduate study and careers in international business: shipping in Shanghai, cosmetics in Dubai, tennis in Beijing.