The Office of Financial Assistance Moved!

The Office of Financial Assistance moved from Tilghman House to the first floor of Holloway Hall!

Signs directing visitors to the Office of Financial Assistance are installed at Holloway Hall.

How to Accept your Award Offer via Drew TreeHouse

In order to accept your financial aid award, you must first log in to Drew University TreeHouse via the website You will be prompted to sign in using your Drew ID and password.

Once you are at the TreeHouse page, click on the Students tab. Scroll down to the Financial Aid and Student Employment box. Click on the Award Information link under the Financial Aid heading in this box. When you are on the next page, click on Award. From here, click on Award for Aid Year. Then select the appropriate aid year in the drop down menu and click on the Submit button. The first thing you will see is General Information. Click on the Terms and Conditions tab to accept the Terms and Conditions of your financial aid award. Finally, click on the Accept Award Offer tab. From here you can accept or decline your financial aid package and submit your decision.