What is an Entrance Interview?

Entrance Interviews are conducted when a student first borrows money through a Federal Direct Loan program. The purpose of the Entrance Interview is to acquaint the borrower with the terms and conditions of the loan. Entrance Interviews are required before any loan funds will be disbursed to the student’s account. If Drew receives loan funds and the student fails to complete an entrance interview in a timely manner, the loan funds will be returned.

CLA, Graduate, and Theological students who are first time borrowers regardless of their year in college, need to complete an Entrance Interview. All students are encouraged to fill out an Entrance Interview online at StudentLoans.gov.

What is an Exit Interview?

Exit Interviews are conducted for students who have borrowed money through a Federal Stafford and/or Federal Direct Loan program (see below) and are ready to graduate or are registered less than half-time. Students need to complete the Exit Interview before graduating. The Exit Interview ensures that student borrowers know who their lenders are, how much they have borrowed, and understand the forbearance process and the terms and conditions of their loans. All students are encouraged to fill out an Exit Interview online at StudentLoans.gov.