Before you graduate, drop below half-time attendance (6 credits or less), or withdraw (regardless if you plan on transferring/attending another school) you are required by federal regulations to complete an Exit Interview. The Exit Interview shows you how to manage your student loans after college. The interview must be completed at the Mapping Your Future web site. Click on the link below (page will open in a new window):

Complete the Federal Perkins Loan Exit Interview

At the Mapping Your Future web site, follow the instructions below to begin your Federal Perkins Loan Exit Interview.

  • Scroll down until you see the category “Exit Counseling”
  • Click on “Perkins Exit”
  • The title of the page should read “Welcome to Perkins Exit Counseling”
  • Follow the instructions until you have successfully completed the Exit Interview.

Once you have completed the Exit Interview, please print the confirmation page for your records. The Student Accounts Office will receive confirmation from the web site that you have successfully completed your Exit Interview. Then, the Student Accounts Office will mail, to the permanent address listed in the Exit Interview, a repayment schedule, truth-in-lending statement, copies of your promissory notes and information on your rights and responsibilities. You must return one copy signed of the repayment schedule and the truth-in-lending statement and a signed copy of your Rights and Responsibilities upon receipt of the information.

If you have any problems/questions with the Exit Interview, please contact the Perkins Loan representative at (973) 408-3114 or