Note: For information about tax credits, please visit our tax credit page by clicking here.

Federal regulation allows those eligible to receive IRS Form 1098-T the option to receive the form in an electronic format instead of through the mail. In order to exercise this option, eligible recipients must provide consent to receive the form in an electronic format.  Upon registration, all students consented to recieve thier 1098-T tax statement electronically.  To access your 1098-T form electronically, log into your TreeHouse account, click the Students tab, and then click on the “1098T Tax Statement Link” located under the Business Office section of the “Bills, Financial Aid & Student Employment” box  — it appears towards the bottom right of the screen.  Make sure to enter the tax year you want to view (i.e. 2012, 2013, 2014, etc.).

When consent is provided, Drew will not be mailing Form 1098-T to your home. You will receive an email notifying you when your form is available for viewing online. From this electronic statement, you can choose to print the statement for your tax records.  This consent will be implied for all 1098-T forms current and future.

Parent/Guardian Proxy Access

Access to the 1098-T tax form area of TreeHouse Self-Service is now available for parents, guardians, and other third parties. You have the option to grant access to the 1098-T form by using TreeHouse Proxy Access.

Please note: If you had already set up access for parents or guardians in TreeHouse, you will still need to activate this portion of the webpage. By default parents or guardians will not have access to this page.

To set up Proxy Access to TreeHouse Self-Service:

  • Navigate to the TreeHouse Students Tab.
  • Select Parent/Guardian Proxy Access within the Help & Services box.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to add new proxies and set up authorization to the desired information.

A webpage guide to proxy access is also available.  Please note that Drew acknowledges and closely follows the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Additional 1098-T Information/Clarification

To assist you in effectively claiming the lifetime learning credit (and American Opportunities Credit), the student, when eligible, will receive Form 1098-T. Generally, an eligible educational institution (such as a college or university) must send Form 1098-T (or acceptable substitute) to each enrolled student by January 31.  An institution may choose to report either payments received (box 1), or amounts billed (box 2), for qualified education expenses. However, the amounts in boxes 1 and 2 of Form 1098-T might be different from what you paid.  Drew University elects to report the qualifying charges billed within the calendar year (i.e. box 2). per IRS regulations.

The intent of the form is to provide taxpayers with information to assist them in completing their taxes. The responsibility of a properly completed tax form belongs to the taxpayer.  Thus, the University is unable to provide tax advice, but can explain what exists on the 1098-T, and what will be reported to the IRS by the University.

Request for Paper Statement

If you consented to receive the 1098-T form in an electronic format and you subsequently want to request a paper copy, email the request to  1098-T tax statements will not be faxed, emailed, or handed out in office.  All paper statements will be mailed to the students address on file.  If a parent or guardian is in need of a 1098-T, it is the students right and responsibility to provide that to them.  Suggested methods are via mail and through the proxy method described above.