Office Hours:  M – F, 9:00a – 5:00p
Location:  1st floor of Holloway Hall.

Summer 2016 Bills have been produced.

Make sure to check your drew email or your student account on TreeHouse to understand if you have a balance that must be paid before your first class starts.

Please visit Understanding your Drew Bill for answers to questions about your bill and direction regarding what is expected of you in response to your account balance.  Your bill can be retrieved from the email sent to you when billing occurred, or by logging into TreeHouse and navigating to the Statement and Payment History page.  If you need additional clarification, you can contact the Student Accounts Office by phone 973-408-3114 or by email

Billing for Fall will begin the first week of July 2016.

Starting in June there will be a new Student Account Center in TreeHouse that will be used to retrieve information about your account balance, details about your charges and credits, retrieving account statements, and making payments or setting up payment plans.  Keep your eye out for communication and direction regarding this, we think you’ll like it as information about your student account will be much easier to understand. If you have someone assisting you with payment of your account balance (i.e. a parent) please consider setting them up with proxy access to your student account so that the bill will also be sent to them.  Due to federal privacy regulations (FERPA) we will not be able to discuss the details of a student account with anyone other than the student with the exception of those individuals for whom the student has set up and granted proxy access.