Q: How do I place a work order?
A: Work orders can be placed Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm by calling x3510 or visiting the Service Response Center in the Pepin Services Center. Work orders that are not an emergency can be placed online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have an emergency work order and the Service Response Center is closed, please call Public Safety at x4444. Please do not leave a voicemail on x3311 or any other extension for work orders.

Q: I lost my student id/access card and room key, how do I get a new one?
A: To replace a lost key, please place a work order with the Service Response Center. The University Locksmith will change the lock on your door and provide you and any roommates with new keys.  The charge for a new key is $25, plus an additional $5 per roommate.  Please go to the Business Office to get a replacement ID.

Q: I am having trouble with my telephone, internet, and/or cable television, can you help me?
A: Actually, Telecom is responsible for maintaining these services. They can be reached at x3333 or telecom@drew.edu.

Q: When do you turn on the heat or air conditioning?
A: There is not a set date as to when the heat or air conditioning is turned on, it is determined by the weather. Generally speaking the heat is turned on in the middle of October and the air conditioning is turned on at the end of April.

Q: My car is snowed in, can someone from Facilities shovel out my car?
A: The Facilities Department does not offer this service, however, if you come to the Public Safety desk in the Pepin Services Center with your student ID, we will loan you a shovel.

Q: I am having trouble with my swipe card for washing machines, dryers, and vending machines, can you help me?
A: The business office is responsible for the swipe cards, they can be reached at x3114.

Q: Who pays for repairing the damage caused by vandalism in my dorm?
A: If the vandal is identified, that person pays for the damage. Otherwise the entire dorm must share the burden of the cost equally.

Q: Who handles set-up of tables and chairs if I am hosting an event or am having food served at a meeting or activity?
A:  Support for Drew campus events and activities is coordinated through HCH, Housing, Conferences and Hospitality and should start with reserving a campus location with the Campus Scheduler at x. 3308.  Please be aware that there are charges for all event set ups including some special events associated with classes.  Please contact HCH with questions regarding event coordination.