Faculty members who currently teach courses in the Environmental Studies program and Supporting Staff

Dr. Ryan Hinrichs

Chair, Environmental Studies, and Associate Professor of Chemistry & ESS

Dr. Erik Anderson

Associate Professor of Philosophy & ESS

Dr. Marc Boglioli

Associate Professor of Anthropology & ESS

Dr. Joslyn Cassady

Associate Professor of Anthropology & ESS

Dr. Fred Curtis

Professor of Economics & ESS

Dr. Summer Harrison

Assistant Professor of English & ESS

Dr. Lisa Jordan

Director, Spatial Data Center, and Assistant Professor of ESS

Dr. Maria Masucci

Professor of Anthropology & Director of Archaeology

Dr. Phil Mundo

Professor of Political Science & ESS

Dr. Sara Webb

Chair, Environmental Studies Program and Professor of ESS & Biology

Dr. Tammy Windfelder

Associate Professor of Biology, ESS & Biological Anthroplogy

David Jaquish, Science Educator, Geologist

Adjunct Assistant Professor of ESS, Environmental Geology