Student Faculty Mentor Project Title
Yasmine Mourad,
Julia White
Dr. Roger Knowles,
Dr. Barbara Petrack
Neuronal Treatment with BDNF May Improve Plasticity of Neurites within Alzheimer’s Disease Cell Culture Model
Gillian Bradley,
Diane Gomez
Dr. Roger Knowles,
Dr. Barbara Petrack
Insulin and rosiglitazone as a potential neuroprotectant against excitotoxicity in an in vivo cell culture model
LaToya Evans,
Diego Scerbo,
Emily Tine
Dr. Stephen Dunaway Elucidating the Uncharacterized Role of pfh1 Helicase in DNA Damage Response
Yang Yang,
Danielle Holz
Dr. Roger Knowles,
Dr. Barbara Petrack
Lithium chloride as a neuroprotectant: effects on glutamate/amyloid-beta excitotoxicity in vitro
Brittany Barreto Dr. Roger Knowles,
Dr. Barbara Petrack
Evolution of Methalyn Blue as possible disease Modifying Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease
Diane Gomez,
Rachel Masia,
Julia White
Dr. Roger Knowles,
Dr. Barbara Petrack
Insulin as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease
Mays Zubair Dr. Christina McKittrick Evaluation of Corticosterone Levels as a Biomarker in a Rat Model of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Lloyd Robotham Dr. Patrick Dolan Cognitive Dissonance and Its Effects on Memory for Counterattitudinal Information
Ashley D. Allshouse Dr. Jessica L. Lakin Perceptions of cartoon and non-animated violence
Francesco Laterza Dr. Graham Cousens Role of Medial Amygdala in Phasic and Sustained Fear, 1:
Olfactory Fear-Potentiated Startle
Everett Henry Dr. Vincent Gullo The Synthesis of Drug Analogs with Potential Antimicrobial Activity
Evan Martens,
Ryan Lemence,
Heather Tynan
Dr. Arnold Demain Platensimycin- A Novel Antibiotic Produced by Streptomyces platensis
Christian Maggio Dr. Gullo and Dr. Demain Chemical Extraction and Identification of Platensimycin, Platencin, and A Novel Analog from Fermentations Produced at Drew
Rayana Kawam Dr. Adam Cassano Partial Purification of a Potential Novel Anti-Microbial
Lisa Maria Mustachio,
Selima Aksit,
Ronak Mistry,
Robert Scheffler,
Joanna Mleczko
Dr. Jane Liu Small RNA Regulation of Gene Expression in Vibrio cholerae in Response to Changes in Carbon Source
Erinn M. O’Neill Dr. Ryan Z. Hinrichs Heterogeneous Reactions of Nitrogen Dioxide with Potassium Iodide and Iodide-Enriched Sea Salt Aerosol Surrogates
Laurie A. Woodill Dr. Ryan Z. Hinrichs Impacts of surface-adsorbed catechol on tropospheric aerosol surrogates: Heterogeneous chemistry and water uptake.
Ashish Shah Dr. Mary-Ann Pearsall Tri-Osmium Clusters
Dillon Feigenbaum,
Christina Karas,
Kyle Messina
Dr. Adam Cassano The Catalysis of Phosphodiester Hydrolysis by Ca2+: Temperature Dependence and Solvent Deuterium Isotope Effect Studies
Ari Young Dr. Adam Cassano Optimizing a Procedure for Determining Isotope Ratios of whole molecules using ESI-TOF MS
H Sudol Dr. Robert Murawski Raman spectroscopy of organic molecules
Ariel Breitbart Dr. Minjoon Kouh Analysis of Neural Responses With a Linear Model
Alae Kawam Dr. Minjoon Kouh Wii Remote Experiments
William A. Menges Dr. David Mcgee Solution-Based Fabrication of Organic p-Channel Field Effect Transistors
Melissa Hoffman Dr. Robert Murawski Variable Star Observation and Light Photometry and Astrophotography