Drew The Right Thing

Drew’s Online “Up-Stander” Community

#DrewTheRightThing is a safe space for students to share personal Up-Stander stories (how they intervened to help another or how they stood up for themselves and got out of a risky situation).

Get Information

Learn how to deal with the most high risk situations on campus, including alcohol, drugs and sexual assault.

Take the Up-Stander Pledge

If you agree to follow the Up-Stander Pledge, you agree to be a pro-active member of the Drew Community. With this pledge, we encourage everyone to step up, when it is safe to do so. Don’t be confused, Up-Standing is NOT only used in situations with alcohol, drugs and/or sexual assault, anyone and everyone can be an Up-Stander in all different types of situations.

Share Your Experiences

Share your own experiences and encourage others to be Up-Standers. These stories are submitted anonymously and not posted until all identifying information has been removed. Submissions are monitored by a member of the Counseling Center staff.

Tell Your Story

All stories submitted are completely anonymous, and you will not be prompted for any further information.