The CUE Program

The CUE program is home to approximately 60 adult students, some full and some part-time. CUE students fulfill the same degree requirements, enjoy the same distinguished faculty, and attend the same small, intimate classes as Drew’s traditional-aged students. They have the same access to our graduate-level library, honors programs, counseling and internship facilities, independent research projects, and special international and off-campus study opportunities as their younger classmates. More information about the academic programs can be found on the College of Liberal Arts website.

Designed with You in Mind

At the same time, Drew recognizes that older students have different needs and face unique challenges in returning to school. With that in mind, the Office of Continuing Education provides specialized support for adult learners, starting with individualized pre-admissions counseling, a streamlined admissions process and an orientation designed especially for returning students. Unlike other Drew undergraduates, CUE students may elect to attend classes on a full or part-time basis. Additionally, CUE students may apply for admission of their children to Drew’s on-campus child care center.