GL-I Shared the Holy Spirit.b.wI Shared the Holy Spirit and other works

Many individuals on the edges of modern society are often turned in caricatures in our minds, thereby being othered into something not quite human, or as deserving of empathy.  This often is due to the perpetuation of stereotypes in images, such as the dispossessed woman in an abaya, or the Chassidic man as pious and devoid of sexuality.  However, the reality of these people is that they share much of the same realities, emotions, and issues that we in the West share.  One starts discovering these similarities once we start examining these individuals with their emotional counterparts and the spaces they inhabit.

View a virtual exhibition of works by George Lewis, including pieces created especially for the CRCC.

GL-self portrait in studio copyAs an artist and believer in the power of empathy, I hope to convey certain ideals through my varied pieces of artwork. People are defined by their interconnectivity, or lack thereof. My art delves into and references the subliminal public-private spaces inhabited by individuals on the margins of societies and the dichotomies that they bring out. By photographing or painting individuals as they are, in their most intimate moments alone or with their counterparts; I aim to capture the truth about all men: that they are created equal.

Lewis displayed his artwork at the Inaugural CRCC Gala on March 31.