Wallerstein Distinguished Scholar Saad Eddin Ibrahim Speaks Out on Democracy Rising in Egypt

2009-2011 Wallerstein Distinguished Professor Saad Eddin Ibrahim

The CRCC’s Wallerstein Distinguished Visiting Professor, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, was in Cairo this winter prior to ongoing popular protests demanding immediate democracy in Egypt. Promoting free and fair democracy in Egypt has been the life-long striving of Saad Eddin Ibrahim and the current protests have brought the Egyptian call for democracy to the fore of global politics. Since his return Professor Ibrahim has been around the country meeting with White House, State Department and Congressional leaders on the rapidly developing crisis and offering his insight to various major media organizations.

Saad Eddin Ibrahim

Articles written by Saad Ibrahim:

The President and The Arab Status Quo: It’s time for Obama to turn his back on tyrants.
Mubarak’s Interests Are Not America’s

Interviews with Saad Ibrahim:

Defies Threats, Arrests to Challenge U.S. Backed Mubarak Government
Time for the United States to stand with the Egyptian people, CNN
Egypt’s Uprising from an Exile’s Point of View, NPR National Public Radio 

Recent Publications on Saad Ibrahim:

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Dissident in Exile
Professor Ibrahim comments on U.S. relationship with Egypt

The CRCC recently produced and released a television quality round table conversation with Professor Ibrahim and Brandeis’ Professor Kanan Makiya entitled: “Islam, Democracy & the Arab World.” Copies of this timely 45-minute DVD may be obtained through the CRCC for $25. Please make checks payable to: “Drew University” and send your request for a DVD to: Center on Religion, Culture & Conflict, Drew University, Madison, NJ 07940. Please be sure to include where you would like your copy of the DVD sent. The CRCC will soon be announcing a public program with Professor Ibrahim focusing on recent developments in Egypt.