A presentation by Don Mullan, Barer Visiting Fellow
April 27, 2016  7pm   LC28 (beneath the Library)220px-Omagh_FilmPoster

Don Mullan was a teenager in 1972 attending his first protest in Derry when he witnessed the tragic shooting of civilians by British soldiers in the infamous Bloody Sunday, an iconic event in the Northern Irish conflict known as the Troubles.  Mullan’s relentless efforts to bring forth the truth moved the British government to re-examine the events of that day; his book, Eyewitness Bloody Sunday: The Truth is officially recognized as a primary catalyst for the “Savile Commission”, which ultimately led to the government’s unprecedented apology for the massacre.

A peacemaker who could engage with both side of the conflict, Mullan is widely recognized for his role in helping to advance the Irish peace process.  As an expert on the subject of the Troubles, Mullan discussed several films, including Bloody Sunday, Omagh, and Five Minutes of Heaven in which he has been involved as a consultant and producer.

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