Caoimhin Da Barra and Don Mullan
Barer Distinguished Fellow, Don Mullan with Drew Irish Studies Professor Caoimhin De Barra

Through a generous gift from Dr. Sol J. and Meri Barer and the Barer Family, Drew CRCC welcomes Global peace activist Don Mullan as the Barer Distinguished Visiting Fellow for 2016-2017.  Don Mullan is an Irish peacebuilder, humanitarian, media producer and best-selling author.  After fighting for peace, truth, justice and equality around the world, this spring Mullan takes on the classroom as a scholar in residence, joining the Conflict Resolution and Leadership faculty to offer a unique course, entitled Grassroots Peacebuilding and Activism.

Mullan was a teenager in 1972 attending his first protest in Derry when he witnessed the tragic shooting of civilians by British soldiers in the infamous Bloody Sunday, an iconic event in the Northern Irish conflict known as the Troubles.  Mullan’s relentless efforts to bring forth the truth moved the British government to re-examine the events of that day; his book, Eyewitness Bloody Sunday: The Truth is officially recognized as a primary catalyst for the “Savile Commission”, which ultimately led to the government’s unprecedented apology for the massacre.  A peacemaker who could engage with both side of the conflict, Mullan is widely recognized for his role in helping to advance the Irish peace process.  In the words of Irish historian and professor Dr. Christine Kinealy, Mullan was fighting for peace “with debate, persuasion and dialogue.”

Mullan’s activism does not stop at Ireland’s borders.  He has done humanitarian worke in refugee camps in Rwanda and Zaire, family relief in Brazil, and in preserving the stories of Frederick Douglass, the Choctaw Nation and the Christmas Truce, Mullan is truly a humanitarian for the global age.  As a peace practitioner, Mullan emphasizes the importance of truth-seeking in his work.  Looking back on peace efforts during the height of the Troubles, Mullan says, “it was not about hatred. It was never about being anti-British. It was always about the truth. There are always wonderful people on both sides. When the moment for peace comes, they will be the bridges for it.”  In May 2014, Mullan’s storied career was recognized by Drew University when the Center on Religion, Culture and Conflict presented with the CRCC Peacebuilder Award.  This spring, take advantage of a rare opportunity to learn about grassroots peacebuilding and humanitarian work as Mullan teaches for the Conflict Resolution and Leadership certificate.

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