1. Diana Ortiz  Unspoken Words, Unheard Voices

My painting reflects the current Arab Springs uproar in the Middle East. It is heavily influenced on the post revolution protests of Egypt. The young child and sister in front of a war tank are protesters who demand respect for their basic civil rights and end of corruption. One character invites the viewer in her peaceful protest by handing you a rose which symbolizes her compassion for others and encouraging you to take a stand in respecting humanity and our rights regardless of who/where we may be. The handing of a rose is also a common gesture by Egyptian soldiers supporting their people.

2. Asmar Capers  No Peace

No Peace

3. Hezekiah Michael Sudol, The Wrong Room

It is not an uncommon occurrence for transgender individuals to be harassed, physically assaulted, sexually assaulted or murdered in men’s bathrooms. “The Wrong Room” is a short memoir about the first instance of anti-transgender bathroom harassment that was directed against me in a men’s bathroom, which happened in September 2011.