Drew CLA Student Gallery Exhibition


Pearl Y. Lee, Founder of Drew University’s Korean Culture Club, along with CLA student photographer, Emmanuel Crespo (’16), curated the 2016 exhibition “Generation Z: On the Margin.”

The exhibition focused on the “issues thirteen students of color struggle(d) through,” and featured, as Lee described, “portraits of students and literary works they individually wrote regarding their ‘multi-racialness’,” and a celebration of “the fluidity of identities.”

“I believe that the first-hand accounts of the participating students will allow others to become aware that culture cannot and should not be “something” that can be generalized to one continent,” Lee explained. “Identity does not always have to be based upon one’s geographic origins.”

As Lee compellingly described, “Art often works best when there is attention in it; we do not wish to have any mundane qualities. According to Drew photography Professor Rebecca Soderholm, a good story always has a sense of attention or even drama and conflicts. Professor Soderholm also shared that the best photos have a sense of tension. This conceptualization of tension is what we hope to achieve as race and identity construction are both tense subjects in and of themselves. We hope that providing tangible “proof” of the tension regarding race and identity will help the diverse Drew community discuss and explore the concept of race in a respectful and earnest manner.”

About 40-50 faculty members and peers attended the opening night at Brothers College to celebrate the multitude of identities.

AOR – established in 2009, endowed by a generous gift from Dr. Paul Drucker C’51, P’83, and facilitated by Drew’s Center on Religion, Culture & Conflict – endeavors to end hatred, move beyond mere tolerance, and to instead promote mutual respect using the arts as a medium of communication and expression. Read about the AOR mission here.

Fellows receive up to $1,000 to facilitate art projects that explore the theme of RESPECT and encourage members of the campus community to do the same. Applications for 2017 are due November 29, 2016. For guidelines and application form, click here.