Drew University Center on Religion Culture and Conflict (CRCC), in partnership with Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), is pleased to announce the “Campus Lab” interfaith conference on Drew’s campus in Spring 2018.  This program is designed to encourage interfaith engagement on campus by helping to develop student, staff and faculty leadership at colleges throughout New Jersey and the northeast region.

Interfaith Training sessions include:

Session 1: Getting to Know You

In our first session, students will discuss key terms, like diversity, civic pluralism, and interfaith cooperation, in order to have a common definition and framework for understanding the weekend.
These themes and concepts will be illuminated using examples from IFYC’s national network and participants’ personal experiences from their campus organizations.

Session 2: Engaging Religious Difference

This session will be divided for those new to interfaith work and those who have experienced IFYC programs before. Engaging in interfaith work and building interfaith cooperation means that obstacles will inevitably arise as you engage across lines of religious difference. Students will have a chance to role play scenarios that they are likely to face as they seek to make interfaith cooperation on a social norm. For more advanced students, they will work through a case scenario and delve deeper into how best to address systemic change.

Session 3: Putting Skills to Action

From asset mapping to campus mobilizing, this session will focus on how to get your campus organization started and noticed. We will discuss strategies to build your network and how to structure programs and meetings to help you flourish.

Session 4: Bringing It All Together

In the final session, we will take a moment to reflect on what we’ve learned, debrief the service project, and finalize our action plans. You will leave this session with a firm sense of your identity and what your next steps should be as you take this knowledge back to campus and implement your interfaith leadership.

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