Father Hariawan Adji O. Carm. recently visited with other alumni of the Drew Institute on Religion and Conflict Transformation in the West Bank and Jerusalem. “Harry,” a Catholic Priest and lecturer on the Faculty of Humanities at Airlangga State University in Surabaya, spoke at a Yeshiva in the Etzion Block, where he was hosted by Institute alumnus Rabbi Sarel Rosenblatt.

unnamed (1)According to Rabbi Rosenblatt, Harry gave a fascinating lecture to about fifty of his Yeshiva students, for whom, “it most probably was a once in a life time opportunity to be able to meet an Indonesian Monk-Priest.” One goal of the Institute is to train a generation of young religious leaders, who in turn will train the next generation, and so forth. This is precisely what is happening right now, as Rabbi Rosenblatt explains, for his young rabbinical students, “it was an essential experience on the way to be peace builders.”

After the program, the rabbi and the priest drove to Jerusalem, where they joined other Institute participants and peace activists Ruth Horenstein and Yael Gidanyan for a walk near the walls of the Old City.


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